An Interesting Question, An Interesting Answer

From @MatthewHurtt

Is America's future fraught with unemployed, trouble-making youth roaming the streets picking on defenseless targets?
Matthew Hurtt

If someone comes up with an App that lets kids remotely control a robot arm that picks up rocks and launches them or throws punches at defenseless passersby, we may be in some danger.

But rocks are heavy. And punching sounds a lot like exercise to me.

From what I’ve seen, that sounds like more effort than many of them would be willing to engage in. Plus, it would be hard to hit your target while simultaneously texting your friends that you are tormenting innocent strangers.

And some innocent strangers punch back.

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  • Neville

    Dude. Mercado this week just pimped a Stanford white paper stating that personal robots will be common place in the next 10-15 years. As mult-tasking gets more arduous the next tech revolution will be robotics. Apple will no doubt introduce the iThrowRocks bot.

    • They will no doubt be launching a iDefendYou bot a month later. It’s just like those anti-virus software companies who write all the viruses. What a racket!!!