How The Ames Debate Could Have Been Won

If you watched the GOP debate last night, you are probably worried. I heard one analyst mention that there’s a political void right now in politics (on “both” sides). I know these candidates all have consultants who are highly paid and know more about politics than me, but let me tell you what would have struck a chord last night–focus on the economy.

When I say focus, I mean that someone up there should have answered every single question in relation to the economy.

Immigration? “I think _____, but if we can’t develop a sustainable economic policy, no one will be immigrating here anyway.”

Afghanistan? “I think _____, but if we can’t develop get a sustainable economic policy, we’ll have to bring the troops back very soon or leave them stranded there.”

Guantanamo Bay? “I think _____, but if we can’t develop a sustainable economic policy, those prisoners may as well be hostages that someone’s going to ransom.”

Energy? “I think _____, but if we can’t develop a sustainable economic policy, there won’t be any jobs to drive to and folks won’t be able to buy power to heat and cool their homes at any price.”

While I have my own opinions about what that policy should be, I’m not pushing those here. I’m saying someone on that stage should have been smart enough to relate every issue brought up in last night’s questions to the number one issue on everyone’s mind. That’s the economy, stupid.

It worries me that the “best and brightest” can’t figure out that the economy is all most people are concerned about right now. Once unemployment and the national debt are both down, we can once again enjoy the luxury of worrying about what other people do with their private parts behind closed doors.

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  • Neville

    Agreed, but you’re overlooking the fact that everyone who votes in the Ames straw poll ONLY cares about what people are doing with “their private parts behind closed doors.”  And whatever candidate doesn’t at least place on Saturday is gonna struggle for a place during the rest of the primaries.  So while the broader audience is thinking economy, the local Ames voters are thinking moralism.  That’s what the smartest-guys-in-the-room are thinking.

    • Interesting perspective. If what you are saying is true, Rick Santorum will mop up the floor with all of them on Saturday.

      • Neville

        I guess Ron Paul was luring libertarians onto his bus to Ames with free weed, and the Social-Conservative-Moralist’s bus got a flat tire.  My bad.