Send Your Name To Mars

The SIL sent me a link to this site which lets you sign up to have your name included on a microchip that will be sent to Mars on a rover.

I sort of assumed that lots of my information and various encrypted passwords were being sent into deep space when the Space Bigfoot is playing jokes by moving the satellites I’m trying to bounce data off of.

Mars Schmars. I’m not giving up on hope that I can aspire to have my name sent to an asteroid. I’m not 100% sure this isn’t a trick by the gov’ment to give our personal information to the Martian overlords.

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  • Why do the Martians need my zip-code?  I guess when they come visit they can knock on my door and eat me as a snack.  The EULA doesn’t state anything about visits from undocumented alien.

  • Martians need your zip code because they have not licensed use of GPS satellites.

    They were thinking of getting iPhones, but didn’t like AT&T’s contract options and the navigation sucks since they can’t use Google’s nav system.