15 Ways to Charm Her — How I Ended Up With a “Farner”

I’m definitely a Southern guy. I don’t need a stupid Facebook quiz to tell me this. It’s just something I know. Want proof? Try saying I’m not. Say it to my face! 🙂 However, according to this guide to winning over Southern girls, I don’t know much about how to woo women.

That explains how I ended up with the low-maintenance, easy-going, unpretentious, jaw-droppingly-beautiful girl I did instead of Scarlett O’Hara. Who wants a girl that wears curtains?

Still, I think I did pretty well for myself when I was fishing out of the Southern Pond, despite the fact that I frequently broke many of Bickers’ rules. You can click over to read the 15 things she recommends, but here’s a quick run-down on how I score with each of them.

  1. I actually do this one
  2. I agree with this as well…so far, so good
  3. I’m not getting up just to do that
  4. Yeah, but I do this for everyone, not just girls
  5. I pay people to do this one…does that count?
  6. Do rugby boots count? If not, it was over before it even started
  7. At the table, yes. Inside, not always
  8. I can do that
  9. I don’t chase girls. Even when I was single, I didn’t chase them. Ok, I didn’t make it obvious that I was chasing them.
  10. No way! I gotta eat!
  11. C’mon! Do you think your life is some sort of fairly tale? Really?
  12. I’ll buy dinner…no problem. But if we go for coffee after, you should at least offer to pay for it. (Of course, I wouldn’t let you).
  13. Some guys can pull this one off, some can’t. It’s worth not making the effort to see which kind of guy you are.
  14. Never? Never? That’s not really fair to ask of us.
  15. Twist my arm–I promise to do my best to get you drunk, just don’t make me listen to the novel about your day.

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  • Lee

    a so-called southern girl and i recently stopped dating. she decided to tell some of her peeves about me. i found it quite entertaining. here are a few…
    -i didnt open the car door for her, this one seemed weirdly lazy of her to ask of me. and should i do it even when she drives?
    -her fear of spiders and my obvious breeding of them throughout the house. she didnt agree that they are cool and kill the flies
    -i own too many T shirts… wow, who’d a thought my ratio of collared shirts to T shirts would be the kicker
    -i am dirty when i come home from work, either actual dirt/mud or grass clippings… obviously we weren’t made for each other, but she was a vet and i had no problem with the animal blood stained clothes she came home in…geesh

    • Mistake #1 Harold…you have to work this list in reverse. If you start off with getting her drunk, the rest is a cake walk.

  • ej

    boys, it all comes down to the first two weeks of being with a girl. there are a few things that must be done to ensure a long and fruitful relationship. all of these things have been proven to add many weeks of perfect harmony together.
    1. always open the door! all doors all the time. and this is why lee…because most guys dont open ALL the doors. and why is that important you ask…because we need to do something different than all the other idiots that she has slept with in order to seperate ourselves from them to get to the ultimate goal of…anyway. its a start.
    2. open doors for other people as well.
    3. play with kids.
    4. talk to old people
    5. put a quarter in an expired meter in her presence.
    6. go to church…at least once
    okay. those few things there are huge. even if you do know other good deeds she will think you are a great guy just for those few things.
    now for the training. she already thinks you are a great guy and now that she believes that there are things that need to be done to let her know that you are still your own man. but if you dont do all of these things in the first two weeks you may never be allowed to do them again.
    1. go to a strip club…or at least tell her youre going
    2. crash at a friends house
    3. get really drunk and call her in the middle of the night
    4. get really drunk and dont call her for a night
    5. go to vegas or make plans for vegas or similar.
    6. take her to a rugby social
    follow these simple steps and you too may have many lasting relationships in the weeks to follow.

    • This comment is a great post on its own.