Vast Triple Bogey Conspiracy

The media is once again distorting facts, this time about President Obama making triple bogey while golfing.

Let’s set the record straight. The foursome he was playing in took 19 strokes on the par 4 hole collectively. Once the strokes were redistributed amongst the four gentleman they all scored the hole as a par.

Out of fairness, the remaining three strokes were cut up and distributed to secret service agents, a greens keeper, and a chick driving a beer cart. These strokes will be applied to their next round of golf without penalty provided they are used before November 30, 2009. After that they will go to the public kitty where amateur golfers playing on the nations public courses will be charged with one penalty stroke or pay an 1% luxury tax on their greens fees for the 2010 tax year.

What’s important is that the economy, the climate, and 8 baby seals were all rescued in the process.

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  • 😆

    I definitely see a income tax charge for those “public” golfers who were “fortunate” enough to share in the Golf Stroke bounty.

    Let’s see… they’ll call it something like: “The Golf stroke Stimulus Pack Income Adjustment Bill”

    • Yes Robert…your score may go up now, but that’s an investment. See, you actually *want* to use this to get a higher handicap so you can compete with better golfers who still aren’t giving up their fair share of strokes.